About us

Hi, I'm Caroline

I have worn many hats in my life and most of them lead up to my love of being an educator, not just of children, but of parents.  I graduated from The University of Delaware. I double majored in Exercise Science and Coaching and figured why not double minor as well, so I added Strength and Conditioning and Figure Skating Science to my load. I was a dancer and figure skater for most of my life and worked hard on the collegiate figure skating team at UD. I never had a dream of going to the Olympics, because I saw the toll it had on many of my friends. I did however participate in several adult Nationals and have a handful of medals that collect dust in a closet.  The one thing I was most passionate about, was going on to be a figure skating coach after college on top of two other jobs, one as a fitness and aquatics director at the YWCA and the other as a fitness coordinator at The Zone Fitness Center. A I loved being involved in so many children’s programs including teaching swimming, dance, and many more, that my mother finally said that I should really pursue being a teacher. That very same day, I saw an ad for a Montessori assistant teaching position and knew it had to be fate.  I had a job interview the very next week and was hired immediately. By the end of school year, I was so passionate about Montessori that I immediately signed up for training as soon as I could.

I went on to pursue my first Montessori certificate with CMTE/NY in Early Childhood and lead an early childhood classroom for ages 3-6. I eventually took two additional training programs to receive certificates in Elementary Education I (grades 1st to 3rd) and Elementary Education II (grades 4th to 6th). I enjoyed working with all those levels and could never pick a favorite, as I found every age level an amazing and unique teaching experience.  I was passionate about training parents in various parent education topics and doing one on one training with parents on incorporating techniques at home that would help bridge the gap between school and home and allow their child the best hands-on experience at home.

  • My Supportive Family

    After eighteen wonderful years teaching amazing students and working with incredible teachers, my life journey took me down a different road.  I have two amazing children, a son and a daughter.  At just four months old, we found out our daughter had Neurofibromatosis, type 1, a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 2,000 births. I balanced work and being a mother for many years, but eventually knew that I needed a career that would allow me balance work life with hospital life.  I knew that I could take my abilities as a passionate teacher and parent educator and make something work.  I had no doubts when I created ABC Crate that I would make wonderful hands-on learning kits and make children from preschool to eight grade enjoy learning.  I have no doubts now that what I have to offer parents is just as wonderful and unique.

    Since starting ABC Crate, I have worked with homeschool families and guided them on creating the perfect space at home for their needs. I have worked with families, who have
    children attending public and private schools, on how to bridge the gap between
    home and school and how to create a supportive environment to either support
    what their child’s school is doing or filling the gap of what might be missing
    from their child’s educational journey.  I have also been published and have participated in many homeschool podcasts.

    I look forward to working with you and feel free to schedule a discovery call if you have more questions. Email your availability to Caroline at abccrateed@gmail.com and she will email you back to set up a phone call.