Third Grade Math Packet and Level Up to Fourth Grade Kit

Third Grade Math Packet and Level Up to Fourth Grade Kit

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This kit includes summer work that covers the CORE curriculum used in a third-grade classroom, a ruler, an answer key, a progress chart, ten fraction insets, and stickers. Each section of work includes a brief review (where needed) of how to do the work.

The work sections in the third-grade kit include: Representing Numbers; Comparing and Rounding Numbers; Ordering numbers; Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Whole Numbers; Table of Multiples, Prime and Composite Numbers; Simplifying Fractions; Fraction Number Line; Graphs, charts, and plots; Pre-Algebra; Two-dimensional figures; Area of rectangles and squares; Perimeter of rectangles and squares; Using Conversions; Function Tables; Multiplication properties; Time review; Money review; and measurement review. There is a progress chart to record work on.

At the end of the summer you or your child can post how many days were finished on either the ABC Crate Instagram or the ABC Crate Facebook page to win a prize that will be mailed to your child. I would recommend logging the days that need to be completed on a calendar (there is a copy of the June, July, and August calendar for your use in the kit) with your child to set expectations for your child at the start of the summer.

This educational kit was made with love by a certified Montessori teacher of 18 years. I am certified in Early Childhood Education (preschool and Kindergarten), Elementary Education I (grades 1st to 3rd), and Elementary Education II (grades 4th to 6th). I have worked as a lead teacher in all the above grades, Montessori teacher trainer, dance director, and Parent Education director. I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I enjoyed making it.  I created the ABC Crate LLC so that I could share the joys of Montessori lessons and philosophies with all who seek wonderful lessons for their little ones. I have many more kits to come ranging from preschool to middle school.  Feel free to drop a note about which lessons you would like sooner. ABC Crates are great for Home School programs, parents seeking support material for the home, and for teachers to use in their classroom. Our email is